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What is a phobia?

Phobia is defined as the irrational fear individual experiences. The fear that an individual experience tends to have no direct correlation with the physical environment. However, the feeling of fear tends to make an individual feel anxious and thus leads to them facing panic attacks and other psychological issues as a whole. This sense of fear tends to make Individuals have severe forms of psychological issues as a whole. Because of this, it becomes essential to discuss the aspects that deal with phobias.

For every individual, there are at least some certain forms of psychological fears that tend to affect the lives of individuals. Also, you would find that this mental health issue needs to be resolved in an adequate manner. In the meantime, there is a variety of concepts based on phobia that needs to be adequately addressed. The impact based on phobias tends to develop huge forms of disabilities in the lives of individuals. Furthermore, we would like to inform various forms of phobias and their health effects.

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Reason behind phobia

In the first place, there is no generalised reason behind the different phobias as a whole. Generally, there are different  Types of phobias that one needs to be aware of. For the most part, there are incidents that are prevalent among individuals that develop particular phobias. Moreover, you will notice that substance abuse and depression are some of the adequate aspects that are associated with a particular phobia. You need to be aware that phobia is different from symptoms related to serious mental illness-related conditions such as schizophrenia.

Particularly schizophrenia is a mental condition where an individual suffers from hallucinations that one Witness in different sense organs. Generally, most phobias are a result of the negative emotions or panic attacks that one experiences in a particular situation or environment. It could be due to result of a negative experience that one has witnessed in a particular situation. As an academic professional, you need to be aware that fear is a natural emotion, but if you are vastly affected by these induced actions, then it is likely that you are suffering from a phobia.

Therefore it is important to note that a phobia is an important form of mental illness. Its negative effect could be so severe that it could affect your daily life and workings. Likewise, one tends to become overwhelmed with the fear of animals or social situations. Also, an individual is unable to deal with particular forms of social situations. Depending on the situation, we would like to discuss the various phobia.

 List of  common phobias

As discussed earlier, phobia are subjective to the social situations that an individual faces. We would like to inform you about the different fear-induced reaction that individual faces. Generally, these phobias are some of the most common among the general population.


This phobia basically deals with the fear where individuals fear being in specific forms of situations that they are unable to escape. Situations such as giving a performance in front of a crowd or entering public places are some examples of this phobia. You will notice that individuals who suffer from this form of phobia tend to fear public situations in such a manner that they tend to avoid going outdoors and interacting with strangers. It is no surprise that this phobia tends to become harmful to the daily activities of the individual.

Social Phobia

This phobia deals with the fear among individuals who dread and fear becoming humiliated while working on something of social activity. Accordingly, it is more severe than a simple form of tension, such as generalised nervousness. Among the phobia involves the fear of speech or a particular performance. Routine activities such as having a meal publicly or visiting a bank can become an arduous task as a whole. Similar to other forms of social phobia, this could become emotionally exhausting.

Bll Phobias

This form of phobia deals with the fear of having sharp needles and sharp pointed objects. Accordingly, it is also the fear of blood. It is no surprise that individuals suffering from this form of phobia tend to avoid medication related to injections. Also, they would tend to avoid certain types of medical appointments and procedures.


Particularly, this form of phobia deals with social situations where individuals tend to face issues when they are present in an enclosed space. Specifically, it is also for individuals who work in tightly crowded spaces such as elevators. Accordingly, it also poses problems for individuals who are fearful of working in tight spaces. Accordingly, one tends to have feelings of suffocation when they are in enclosed spaces as a whole. Therefore who have this form of fear often tend to avoid living indoors.


This is a medical condition that deals with individuals having excessive worry about working medical conditions. Accordingly, it focuses on anxiety in which there is an increased level of paranoia when visiting medical facilities such as hospitals and clinics. Therefore people would tend to avoid going into water bodies, and thus they would avoid doing activities such as swimming and similar water sports.


This is a common form of anxiety disorder that deals with the fear of judgement in social situations. Besides, this form of fear deals with the fear of speaking on public platforms such as restrooms and locker rooms.

Treatment of Social Anxiety Disorders

For individuals suffering from social anxiety disorders, it should be a sigh of relief that various social anxiety disorders can be treated. Accordingly, the most phobia can be treated. For the most part, it becomes important to avoid the source related to the phobia.

Accordingly, here are some of the techniques that one can use for the treatment of various forms of phobia as a whole.

Here are some of the self-help techniques that one needs to be aware of

  • Relaxation techniques: For the most part, these techniques deal with the breathing exercises that could help an individual to relax during times of heightened form of stress.
  • Visualisation techniques: Using these exercises, a person would be able to able mentally visualise, and thus they would be able to cope with situations with which they could trigger anxiety.
  • Exposure therapy: In this therapy, an individual is exposed to a certain form of phobia, and thus they would become less fearful of certain situations.
  • Medications: In case these therapies don't work, then the consumption of medical drugs is an effective measure that one needs to utilise.

In summary, if an individual is overwhelmed with a certain form of fear, then it is important that they seek professional help to ensure that they receive proper assistance. There are several rehabilitation centres that are known to provide proper treatment to individuals suffering from such mental health issues. Moreover, AFL Wellness is known as one of the most prominent rehabilitation centres that provide adequate forms of treatment. In case you find different individuals who suffer from such issues, then it is recommended that you take adequate treatment and ensure that you are cured of such situations.

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